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Septic Tank Inspections

The Water Services (Amendment) Act, 2012 provides for the introduction of a national inspection system for Domestic Waste Water Treatment Systems such as Septic Tanks and other effluent treatment systems.

All such inspections in County Longford will be carried out by trained inspectors who are employees of Longford County Council. The owners of Septic Tanks that are selected for will be notified in writing by the County Council approximately 10 days in advance of the proposed inspection date. If anybody contacts you regarding a Septic Tank inspection you are entitled to seek proof of identity from them before you allow them to carry out any inspection at your property.

[It should be noted that Longford County Council may also carry out inspections of Domestic Waste Water Treatment Systems for other purposes. For example, inspections may be carried out in circumstances where a complaint or report of a malfunctioning system is received from a member of the public. It is possible that you may not be notified in advance if such an inspection is to be carried out.]

National Inspection Plan

Details of the inspection process etc. are set out in the National Inspection Plan, which was published by the EPA in early 2013.
Click this link to access The Domestic Waste Water Treatment System National Inspection Plan 2013 


In certain circumstances it is possible that persons who are required to carry out work following an inspection of their Septic Tank may qualify for a grant. Some information in that regard can be accessed by clicking on the following link:
Septic Tank Grants Information and Application Form

Please contact the Environment Department of Longford Council prior to undertaking any work for which you intend to seek a grant. 

Further Information

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